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Akira Image Reproductions

Pics and infos from Katsuhiro Otomo's Manga and Anime.

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This is a private Fanpage about Katsuhiro Otomos AKIRA.
It presents you images and infos from manga, anime and fanart.
Retouched images in the gallery and other stuff maybe do not reflect the mind of Otomo or yours.
Most of text- or character-interpretations are from own knowledge, but also from other sites which you will find in my links.
All soundclips are parts from the Akira-movie in Flash and not meant for download.
In the Character-section youŽll find descriptions about the most famous figures so as Kaneda, Tetsuo or Akira.
To show differences and common features there are generally two pics - one from the manga and one from the anime.

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Akira Ring of Destruction

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reworked pic from Akira Club - originally Colonel Shikishima carries Kiyoko, now it is a birthday cake
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The Story

It begins in Neo-Tokyo, the reconstruction of Tokyo after World War III (provoked by Akira).
Inhabitants of the city, in which chaos and havoc rank supreme, are angry and unsatisfied with what has become of their home and what the future may hold.

The plot revolves around two parallel stories collide and create destruction.
The primary feature is of a biker gang with its gang-leader Kaneda, whose friend Tetsuo is kidnapped and how they attempt to bring him back.
The secondary feature is of the military trying to accomplish an unclear goal that doesn't become distinct until the story progresses.
The two stories come together when Tetsuo is used for experimental purposes.
He finds out that he has destructive mental powers and that there are other kids like him.
He wakes up Akira, a small child but with the strongest power, so that he was freezed in by the military.
That is the point where the ring of destruction makes a circle.

The Manga

The first episode appeared on december 20th, 1982 in the Young Magazine.
Fianally 120 parts with 2160 pages were published until june 25th, 1990.
After the release of No. 87 (April 20th, 1987) Otomo broke the manga for over 18 months to realize the anime.
The first fan-collection involved six books.
A coloured edition was first realized for the american version from Epic Marvel (started in october 1988) which contains 38 books.

In the manga you'll find other- and more dificile characters than in the movie.
For example Akira himself, Chiyoko - the military aunt of Kay, Lady Miyako, Joker who fights with Kaneda against Tetsuo or Kaisuke.
While the anime ends with the destruction of Neo-Tokyo after the awaking of Akira, the manga goes on with the deal of chaos.
This starts when Takashi is murdered by Nezu and something snapped in Akira.
He destroys Neo-Tokyo and apocalypse is complete.
But its a long way until Akira leaves our universe and takes Tetsuo with him.
Tetsuo is the real main-actor of the manga.
He is a tragically hero because the mad power destroys his brain.

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