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Character images and infos from Otomo's manga and movie

Here are the most important characters you find in manga and anime.
Kaneda and Tetsuo are the main characters. Their reference is the thread of the story.
On closer inspection it is quite difficult to categorize particulars in more or less important actors. Because all - even not so remarkable participants - are significant for the story. Partly they take key positions, especially in the manga.
To take a picture of a character you have to interpret manga and anime; e.g. if youve only read the manga, you dont know anything about the long-standing relationship of Kaneda and Tetsuo.

Therefore the figures are listed according to their fame - and they are a component of comic and film.
Generally you see two pictures of a character - manga and movie- to show differences.

As you can see this list is not complete. Im working on it.
Until then they are listed with their name:

- Colonel Shikishima - the guardian of the secret
- Nezu - a corrupt politician
- Joker - gang-leader of the Clowns
- Yamagata - friend of Kaneda, he often put on Tetsuo
- Kaisuke - another member of Kanedas gang, plays a role in the manga
- Kaori - girlfriend of Tetsuo
- Ryu - leader of an underground gang

most important characters in manga and anime
Tetsuo Shima
Kaneda Shotaro
Akira (No. 28)