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Akira lettering

Although everything acts around Akira he appears hardly ever.
Because he was abused for military research he has no personal matrix. All children in the military series got a number, Akira got the No. 28.
He causes the Holocaust of Tokyo-City and as consequence the Worldwar III thirty years ago.

In the manga he was quick freezed in order to protect the world. When Tetsuo revives him he is passes round, everybody wants to control his force. The only sense of his life is the exploitation of his power.
Poor Akira.
In the anime he was taken into pieces for further generations of science. After Tetsuo exhumes these parts even the several bottles with their content wants to fit together to form a whole. So, on the screen he is only seen as a metaphysical something (and that against sake of Otomo).
At least he creates a new mini-universum (comic and film) where the other numbers like Kiyoko, Masaru, Takashi and even Tetsuo are absorbed.

Akira in manga
Akira in manga


harukiya shield
Harukiya shield
cut from the manga
Akira in anime
Akira in anime

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