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Kaneda Shotaro

Kaneda lettering

Next Tetsuo he is the second main figure. Kaneda is the leader of a Neo Tokyo Biker Gang called the 'Capsules' ('cause they take a lot of them).
After serving their time in a tradescool they trouble around. Dashing, extroverted and impolsive, hes the born adventurer.

In the story he appears in two parts. First hes the friend of Tetsuo, further hes the friend of Kay.
In the anime he gets to know Kay on a police-station, where she is arrested with some revolting students. 'Cause of his indefatigableness he wins her trust. Finally he works with the resistance - he is not convinced about their aims, but he likes Kay and the adventure.
His friendship to Tetsuo changes into hate when Tetsuo abuses his power for the wrong goals. In fact that they know each other since childhood, their fight is the settlement between the earlier protector and the sheltered, who wants to become king.
In the manga his character description is even harder than in the movie. Anyway Otomo adds some funny szenes which makes him likeable.
In my opinion he is a typical fighter; he stakes everything on one chance and fortune smiles upon him too.

Official data: born on 5th september 2003 (movie), 5.9.2014 (int. manga); at the beginning of the act he is 16 years old, height 5'6", weight 116 lbs.

Kaneda Shotaro
Kaneda in manga
Kaneda with Mini-Akira-Universum
cut from a Trading card
Kaneda with laser
Kaneda in anime

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