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Images from Katsuhiro Otomo's anime AKIRA

Akira animation picture
Akira animation

1986 Otomo interrupted his work on the manga AKIRA to create the anime.
In opposite to the manga (beginning of the story in 2030) movie action starts in 2019, 31 years after Worldwar III.
To hold the high standard of the manga, the Akira Comittee was founded. First showing was 16. july 1988.
The script is shortened, but story and characters are harmonious, although some are cut. Such as Akira, Miyako or Joker, who play a bigger part in the comic.
The film concentrates more on the relationship between Tetsuo and Kaneda than the manga.
Just after the premiere of the movie Epic Marvel, the transfer of the manga from eastern to western art started.

Pics from the anime
Kanedas Biker Gang
Tetsuo gets visit from the Numbers
Tetsuos visit
Kaneda towards Joker
Kaneda on bike
Tetsuos new arm
Tetsuos new arm
Kaneda inside Akira
Kaneda inside Akira
Kaori and Tetsuo in the ghetto
Colonel Shikishima over Neo-Tokyo
Colonel Shikishima


If you you like to hear the main theme of the Akira soundtrack with a Flash animation please use the following Link (new tab).
It is the first track on the 'Original Soundtrack Akira' with the title Kaneda (3:10).
The soundtrack is composed by Shoji Yamashiro with the GEINOH YAMASHIROGUMI choir.


If you haven't seen the movie until now, have a look at this 3 Minutes trailer.

Alternative Link: here, automatic download starts in a new tab.

Those who don't want to wait until download is finished, may use this link to to load via HTTP in a new tab.

Video-size: 624x352 Px, 178 MB, Trailer contains: Movie Intro, Biker Scenes, adolescence of Tetsuo,
background sound: Part 1: Kaneda from the soundtrack.