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The Gallery

Reproduced images from Manga, Anime and Fanart

The images, shown in this gallery, are mostly assemblies from pictures of comic and movie, reproduced with the help of Photoshop.
Normally, pictures which are changed in their content have a copyright note of Otomo and a homepage notice.
All pics have additional information and they are opened in full size, so please be patient while downloading, some of them can be used as wallpaper.
Most of the pics are about Tetsuo, hes just my favourite character ^_^.
Some images are similar to other versions you can find in the www 'cause they are reworked. In these cases an additional link is added.

11 reworked pics about the theme
Akira Wallpaper with Kay and Kaneda
Tetsuo looses his arm
loosing arm
Tetsuo wallpaper
Sinner or Saint
Akira characters wallpaper
Characters wallpaper
Tetsuo new armed
new armed
Tetsuo after bombattack
Bomb attack
We want more!
More Drugs
Tetsuo all over the world
all over the world
Kay + Kaneda Wallpaper
Kay and Kaneda

Another Gallery with different Akira images can be found here, although with german description - i think you want to see the pics.